Printing & Cut to Hard Materials – Boutique printing

Our latest technology equipment gives us the capability for high quality direct prints to any hard material you choose, such as:

  • Plastic (PVC , PET , PP, Plexiglas, forex)
  • K-fix, A-Board
  • Fabric – Canvas
  • Glass - Mirror
  • Marble
  • Inox, Metal
  • Tile
  • Wood

Our CNC router (cutting machine) gives shape to the material. Thus, your imagination combined with our know-how, can create numerous digital productions full of creativity.

Our Boutique print productions, will give power and unique style to message you want to communicate.

  • 3d-epifaneies-printed-detail
  • anaglyfa-grammata-router
  • pvc2
  • reboardstand
  • reboardstand2
  • stand
  • stand1
  • stand2
  • wood

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